How Much Do Diesel Mechanics and Technicians Earn?

Diesel mechanics and technicians maintain and repair diesel engines to help keep them maintained and running properly. This work is hard and requires great knowledge and skills. These professionals must be able to keep up with the latest changes in the industry as well as the latest equipment. The average diesel mechanic makes about $39,000 per year for an entry level position while an experienced mechanic can make a significantly larger salary. Most mechanics and technicians work by the hour instead of getting a fixed salary. This can easily change the annual wages they may earn each year.

A mechanic working for the government can often make a higher wage than a mechanic who works for a small private business. Mechanics who work for small businesses or work for themselves can sometimes earn a commission or get bonuses that can lead to better salaries or wages.

Mechanics working on commission based jobs are usually guaranteed a set minimum weekly salary in order to be assured a decent income. Some companies offer benefit packages like health care or other insurance but a lot of small companies can not afford these bonuses. They work on various machinery including trucks, farm equipment such as tractors. Mechanics working for the government will usually upkeep and repair military vehicles and other diesel equipment. Because the industry is ever changing, new jobs and advancements cause a high demand for repairs and maintenance for diesel equipment. It is possible to make extra money on the side by doing freelance repair work while holding down a job working for a company full time.

There is a strong demand for those seeking employment in the field of diesel mechanics as positions are being created all the time. Certain types of machinery have higher demands and more opportunities for jobs. You don’t have to have any education to be one but it will make it easier to get employment if you get education and get certified. Many businesses will require that a mechanic working for them be certified, current in diesel mechanic training and have up to the date skills. Those who have no prior training will still be able to work as a diesel mechanic but will have less job opportunities and get lower pay unless they can start their own business.

You can attain formal education by attending an accredited school such as a trade school or technical college. These schools will provide you with hands on opportunities to work with diesel machinery first hand and help you gain valuable knowledge of how they work.

Some dealerships or businesses may offer programs to help pay for your degree or further train you in diesel mechanics or new technology. These programs will help increase your knowledge and help keep your existing skills up to date. There are several associations that exist for diesel mechanics and technicians, from local run associations to worldwide associations. The Association of Diesel Specialists is one of the largest worldwide trade associations.

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